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Can Bowen Therapy enhance sport performance?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive hands on therapy, which is performed by making simple rolling movements over muscles and tendons. It encourages the body’s own healing systems to resolve dysfunctions and restore whole body balance. Balancing the body means bringing it back to its natural rhythms and structural integrity. Body balance and optimal alignment coordinates the body and mind to allow all muscles to work smoothly and evenly together.

Bowen therapy may offer several potential benefits for sports performance:

  1. Improved Flexibility: Bowen therapy can help to release tension and improve joint mobility, making it easier for athletes to move with greater flexibility.

  2. Faster Recovery: The therapy may speed up recovery time after intense workouts or competitions by reducing muscle soreness and promoting tissue healing.

  3. Reduced Muscle Tension: Bowen therapy can ease muscle tension, which is especially beneficial for athletes who experience tight muscles due to training and physical exertion.

  4. Enhanced Energy Flow: The technique is believed to restore the body's natural energy flow, potentially leading to increased stamina and endurance.

  5. Better Body Awareness: Athletes may develop a greater awareness of their bodies and any imbalances or areas of vulnerability, helping them to prevent injuries.

  6. Stress Reduction: Bowen therapy can reduce stress and anxiety, which can have a positive impact on an athlete's mental state and overall performance.

  7. Balanced Nervous System: The therapy is thought to balance the autonomic nervous system, which can help with stress management and maintaining a calm mental state under pressure.

  8. Improved Posture: Athletes can benefit from improved posture and alignment, leading to more efficient movement patterns and less risk of injury.

  9. Enhanced Circulation: Bowen therapy may improve blood and lymphatic circulation, aiding in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and the removal of waste products.

  10. Overall Well-Being: A holistic approach to healing, Bowen therapy can help athletes feel more balanced, healthy, and resilient, which contributes to overall well-being and athletic success.

It's important to note that while many people report positive outcomes from Bowen therapy, its effectiveness can vary from person to person. Athletes interested in exploring this therapy should consult with a qualified practitioner to discuss their specific needs and expectations.

With an athlete’s body in balance, they’ll experience higher stamina, fewer injuries, increased focus and control over their body’s natural stress responses resulting in improved performance.

Case Study - clay pigeon shooting and Bowen Therapy

A client of mine, who I will refer to as A. is a clay pigeon shooter at a competitive level.

She came to see me because of neck and upper trapezius tightness with referred pain down the arms. She had been in moderate pain in the last three months, with flaring up occurring in particular during her weekly training. She had seen a chiropractor and an osteopath for a few sessions, however the pain was not relieved. She was unsure whether to attend an upcoming competition a few days later.

After only one session A. was in much less pain and was able to attend the competition at the weekend. On her follow up appointment she told me that not only she was in no pain during the competition, but she also scored her personal best and felt very focused and calm.

"After just 1 treatment Stella eased my back/spinal pain enough for me to continue with my sport competitively. She achieved in 1 session what a chiropractor couldn't in several. thank you Stella" - A.

Famous people who praise Bowen Therapy

Adventurer and TV presenter Bear Grylls says “Bowen has helped keep my body together despite the continual bashing it takes. It’s a vital support in putting right a whole range of new aches and pains, making sure that old injuries don’t cause me problems, and helping me fight stress and fatigue.” Read a short article about Bear Grylls's recovery with Bowen therapy.

During theTokyo Olympics, the Romanian rowing team enjoyed some phenomenal success, claiming one gold medal and two silvers (considerably better than Team GB!). An important member of their support team was Dr. Laura Osean, a Bowen therapist put in charge of recovery. Her work was crucial for keeping the Romanian team firing on all cylinders throughout the games. One athlete experienced dizziness after a competition, and Dr. Ocean, through specialised emergency Bowen therapy techniques, ensured she was back to normal in no time at all.

Get in touch if you practice a sport at a competitive level and would like to explore this therapy.

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