Moving Fascia® is a restorative and transformative movement method that supports the body's innate ability to move well.


By applying self-release tools and fascial movement techniques, Moving Fascia® is designed to soften

unnecessary tension, restore mobility, expand intrinsic elasticity and integrate strength.


The Moving Fascia® method was created by movement educator and myofascial release practitioner

Ana Barretxeguren. Influenced by her background in fascia, anatomy, visceral manipulation and

movement, Moving Fascia® follows an evidence-based approach based on the latest fascial



Moving Fascia® has helped hundreds restore ease, minimise pain, and improve dynamic stability,

fluid movement and breath.

I believe research on the human fascia is one of the most fascinating explorations of our century.


‘Moving Fascia® is a registered trademark of Evolve Movement Education Ltd and is used with their permission.


I can feel my shoulders are lying more equally on the floor now!

Sarah - Dance Therapist