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This approach draws from a range of trauma-informed methodologies, with a strong emphasis on the powerfully transformative evidence-based model of Internal Family Systems (IFS) by Dr Richard D. Schwartz and Tensegrity Medicine™ by Kelly Clancy. This is a non-pathologising therapeutic technique that focuses on strengths and relies on the power of self healing, relational connection, and compassionate witnessing

This approach creates an interface between physical symptoms and emotional, mental and core belief patterns. By first creating a sense of safety, Body-Mind Integration Coaching gently guides the participant in connecting with what is happening now to patterns from the past. In revealing and identifying these patterns, missing experiences then have an opportunity to be reclaimed, unfelt emotions to be expressed, belief patterns altered, and updated habits to be introduced and integrated.

It is particularly advised for chronic pain,  as research has now evolved into a deep understanding that physical and mental health are inseparably interconnected. The integration of psychological principles into physical therapy treatment has therefore a strong potential to enhance outcomes.


We focus on a situation in your life and/or physical symptoms that require your attention and we invite curiosity to see clearly how an imbalance in your internal system of emotions, identities and beliefs, might be reflected in an imbalance in your physical body, in the forces you use in your movement and in how you relate with the surrounding environment. I can guide you to see for your self the innate self-regulatory wisdom already within you to restore balance. The session is mostly a dialogue-based process, however, I might also integrate light touch soft tissue therapy. 


Anyone who is interested in self inquiry and understanding of themselves. Individuals who may be experiencing physical issues, emotional or belief patterns that are interfering with who and how they want to be in the world.

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The Tensegrity Medicine™ methodology was created in 2011 by Kelly Clancy as a way to comprehensively treat clients and to educate both local and distance learners about emerging ideas related to fascia, biotensegrity, and the bodymind connection.


Stella has helped me so much. She has guided me to notice a connection between my physical pain and my body's reaction to emotional stress. Since observing and working in this way, with Stella's help, I have noticed a huge shift in my mind and body. I believe that Stella has focused on teaching me to allow my body to heal itself by listening to symptoms and accepting parts of myself that I feel resistance too.

Laura - Architect

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