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I offer the Bowen Technique, a cutting-edge hands-on therapy that applies light touch and lateral stretches of the soft tissues to regulate the nervous system, minimise musculoskeletal pain and improve alignment and mobility.   


I can guide you to a self-release and movement technique, designed to soften unnecessary tension, restore mobility,  and integrate strength. The Moving Fascia® method is restorative and transformative and supports your body's innate ability to move well.


A psychologically informed,  whole-person approach to treat long-term pain. I integrate manual soft tissue release with a dialogue-based process to identify the emotional and mental patterns that might contribute to your physical symptoms. 


Meet Stella

I am a Bowen Therapist and Moving Fascia® Certified Teacher Level 1, as well as a mum, meditation tutor and dancer at heart. 

I have created Bowen Technique Bristol to offer cutting-edge hands-on therapy for musculoskeletal conditions, fascia-focused movement techniques and bespoke treatment plans designed for each client. I also integrate a psychologically-informed model into our sessions to manage and minimise long-term symptoms.


I believe in a holistic approach to health, which means I treat the whole person rather than focusing only on the symptomatic area.  


My goal as a therapist is to facilitate healing and restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible, according to each client's individual capacity for adaptation and change.

Relieve tension and restore mobility  

What people say

Bowen is a miracle treatment for me and being treated by this incredibly talented woman is the icing and the cherry on the cake

LOUISE / Women's Coach

Stella manages to get the balance between professionalism and an open heart that is ready to heal. I would recommend her treatment to anyone 

IAN / Charity Administration Manager

I started as a total sceptic in a lot of pain across my lower back and hips. Within 3 sessions I was a convert as Stella had not only relieved my pain, but had managed to get flexibility where none had been for a considerable time.

PAUL / Retired

Stella has exceptional care, knowledge and attention to detail as a Bowen Practitioner. I would warmly recommend her and look forward to my next treatment.  

ANNE-MARIE / Community Artist, Performer and Environmental Activist

Your ability to heal is greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe. Here to support your journey of wellbeing and recovery. 

Be inspired


I'll be happy to answer all your questions and to advice you on which treatment or session is best for you.

Need guidance?

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