The benefits of the Bowen Technique

Updated: May 12

The primary benefit of Bowen Therapy is relief from muscular-skeletal conditions, but also for a host of other ailments including:

- Reduction or relief from pain, including sciatica

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- Reduced stress

- Enhanced mobility

- Increased energy

- Enhanced immune system

- Improved circulation

- Lymphatic drainage

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

- Plantar fascitis

- Depression

- Asthma

A typical treatment

After an initial assessment of the clients existing condition, the individual will be asked to drink a glass of water to fully hydrate the body and its tissues. This helps to promote more effective treatment of the nerves, muscles, tendons and connective tissues. Specific movements, utilising the thumb and fingers, are then made across specific muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Each manipulation is followed by a rest period, when the body is allowed to rest and repair itself. A single or series of treatments may be required, depending on the individual and the response to treatment.

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