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The connective tissue never forgets

Updated: May 12, 2020

Every trauma, every shock and every situation of stress have their impact on the connective tissue. Scientific studies have shown that the pathogenic process only starts after the receptive and defensive function of the connective tissue has been exceeded. There are many reasons for irritation of the connective tissue. Whether injuries, mechanical strain, physical or chemical processes, traumas or operations - all of these are situations of stress for the fascia. If the body receives help in coping with such situations such as with Bowen treatment, the pathogenic tension in the body can be released again.

Dense connective tissues

The lymph flow and the blood circulation as well as the oxygen supply to the tissues are improved, the fascia relaxes increasingly, becomes softer and pain disappears. If tension remains for a long time and the trauma in the connective tissue is stored on the cellular level, this leads to functional disorders, which can lead to chronic and severe illnesses over the years. The body's system of fascia is also called the body's memory. it does not forget anything. All influences from outside as well as mental traumas are stored therein, as in the file of a computer programme.

Over the years and the accumulation of traumas in the body, the fascia loses more and more the capability of defence, the possibilities to compensate decrease. In this way the organism is overtaxed more easily and pathogenic influences can spread more quickly. If the energy of the stored traumas is freed and integrated through treatment, it will be at the body's disposal again as defence energy, strengthening the defence system of the organism.

From Bowtech, The original Bowen Technique by M. Zainzinger and S. Knoll

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