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Can Bowen Therapy help with sciatica?

Exploring the Benefits of Bowen Therapy for Sciatica Relief

Many people find the Bowen Technique to be an effective treatment for sciatica. Depending on the root cause for the onset of symptoms, only a short course of treatments it's often all that is needed for long lasting and effective relief.

Many come across Bowen Therapy after exhausting the more common modalities of massage, osteopathy, and chiropractic, etc., to find that this gentle, non-forceful technique is not only effective at addressing the symptoms of sciatica, but has a whole host of other benefits too!

This is because Bowen is holistic, meaning it addresses your entire body, not only the sciatica. It's not uncommon for people to experience feeling of wellbeing, better sleep and a surge in energy levels after only one session.

Bowen Therapy works on a deep level, gently and powerfully helping your whole body rebalance the tensional relationships of the connective tissues (fascia) which in turn can take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve and therefore relieving the symptoms. Bowen is also know to relax your central nervous system, allowing your body to be more in its ‘rest and repair’ state which is so often under active in our highly stressed modern lives.

Success story

Jane came to see me with persistent back pain radiating below the hip for over 3 months. She struggled with prolonged periods of sitting and standing and was relying on four or more painkillers daily, without which she felt she 'could not exist'.

Following the initial session, Jane experienced noticeable improvements and successfully decreased her reliance on painkillers. By the conclusion of her fifth session, she had abstained from any painkillers for the preceding two weeks and regained a significantly improved sense of self and structural functionality.

Book your appointment and begin your wellness journey today!

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