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Befriend your pelvis

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Experiencing a centred and balanced pelvis is a luxury these days. Many of us, due to unhealthy postural habits and sedentary lifestyles, suffer from pelvic tilts and twists; these then produce a cascade effects on other areas in our body, often compromising knees, neck alignment and lower back.

Here is an exercise proposed with the intention to awaken your pelvis, first by adopting what we call a constructive rest position (CRM). Then we will articulate the legs at the level of the hip sockets to soften and create more space and improve circulation in this area. Lastly we will release tension in the adductors muscles, which are greatly involved in balancing the pelvis.

During this exercise we are also engaging and releasing the Psoas muscle, a core muscle and hip flexor which often tightens and also contribute to pelvic imbalances. Always take time to explore your body's response during the exercises and make sure you are in a safe place where you can practice undisturbed for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you begin to feel emotionally overwhelmed, roll onto your belly.

Constructive Rest is a way of lying down in a semi-supine position (on the back with the knees bent at 45 degrees, and feet flat on the floor) that promotes good spinal alignment and release of excess tension. Gravity releases the psoas muscle, lengthens the spine, and frees the pelvic basin, encouraging the pelvis to reposition itself by levelling the sacrum.

I love this sculpture by Sean Henry, titled the 'Lying man' showing the CRM position!

References: 'Core Awareness' by Liz Koch

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