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 Guide to better breathing

This course will help you become more aware of how you breath.


You will also learn to:

  • Engage the main breathing muscles

  • Achieve better postural alignment

  • Receive instant benefit to your nervous system

  • Complement any manual therapy treatment plan that you are already undertaking



The course is structured into 5 video sessions to nurture conscious breathing for optimized wellbeing, nervous system regulation and better postural alignment. It is informed by the anatomy of breathing and neurofascial-based techniques, such as the Moving Fascia® method.  


It involves gentle breathwork and stretches to open space in the body for the breath to flow with ease. These daily practices that you can do in your own time keep your nervous system regulated throughout your day.


You can practice them individually or in a sequence. I advice to practice each session for a week to begin with. Once you are familiar with each practice you can start personalise your session by joining 2 or more together, or practice the all 5 sequences in one session.

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